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Coast to Coast Bicycle Trip

We are planning to embark on a USA cross country ride. We will be riding our BICYCLES this trip. We have done cross country trips on our motorcycles quite a few times. We are hoping to see the country in a different light by traveling at a much slower pace. The route will take us over 3,000 miles to cross from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. We will be leaving from San Diego, CA and hope to arrive 60 days later in St. Augustine, FL. 

We have partnered with Compassion International to raise money for needy kids through our ride. Compassion gives children everything they need to thrive: an education, clean water, health care, the love of Jesus and more. By joining their efforts, an even bigger impact can be made.

We will be updating our progress on Facebook.


We will be paying for the trip completely on our own. 100% of donations will be going directly to Compassion International. We believe it is a very worthy cause. We appreciate anything you can donate to help these kids.


Here is a great example of the type of kids you will be helping by donating.


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